What Is Republishing?

I’ve Heard Of Guest Posting But, What Is Republishing?

If you’re like me than you’ve heard of guest posting and how it can help you grow your blog. However, if you really are like me than you’re pretty busy. You struggle to write quality content for your own websites, let alone write something worthy of reading for someone else. However, through the miracle of republishing you are able to pitch an amazing piece of content (that you already wrote) from your website to a larger publisher.

This results in your quality content being seen by a much larger audience and this will result in more traffic and interest in your own blog. Let’s go over how you can utilize republishing as well as some tips to make your republished content a success!

How Can I Get My Content Republished?

Getting your content republished follows some of the same steps that you would take to get another blog to allow you to guest post on their blog.

Merely Google “*Your Niche* write for us” or something similar. The resulting pages should have guidelines for content and under the guidelines there is normally some rules for what type of content they allow you to submit.

Some websites will flat out tell you that they do republish/ repost content. This may seem surprising however, the bigger a website is the more desperate that they are for quality content.

You should then comprise a pitch explaining what you would like to publish on their website. It seriously helps if your content you wish to post was already extremely effective on your own website. This provides proof of concept.

Note: for those of you out there who are obsessed with SEO the republished content will not negatively effect your rankings. Duplicate content strikes are for the websites that actually do the re-posting of other people’s content.

As long as your website is not spammy, you should have nothing to worry about. You can also use the canonical attribute when linking back to your own content in the article that you submit to be republished.

Tips For Getting The Most From Republished Content

  • Alter The Original Content By At Least 20% Before Submitting
  • Alter The Title Slightly
  • If Applicable Optimize The Content To Fit The Format Of The Blog
  • Create Links To Your Website And CTA’s To Maximize The Exposure
  • Include A Short Bio About You At The End & Request That The Re-publisher Leave It Intact
  • Optimize Your Own Website For Conversions To Take Advantage Of The Surge In Traffic!

I just recently found out about republishing and I can already see how effective of a strategy it is in terms of growing your website and gaining traffic.

As always, thank you so much for reading! Please let me know what you think in the form of a comment below!