What Social Media Sites Should You Use To Promote Your Business?

If you are like every other business out there, your business probably has a Facebook fan page as well as a Twitter page that you probably don’t know how to use. If you are a little bit more advanced maybe you have your page set up on LinkedIn as well. But are these websites really doing anything for you?

Facebook has become a gigantic money pit. They don’t even show your posts to all of your fans any more. They hope that you will actually PAY them to increase views on every post! How preposterous. At the end of the day even if you paid to have every one of your posts featured it wouldn’t increase your bottom line! And that’s what is most important.

Of course Twitter can be a powerful tool as well. It is great for large corporations to respond to customers complaints as well as praise of their products and or services in a timely manner. By doing this their gigantic faceless corporation can maintain a false sense of humanity towards their customers. But even so, for the average small business Twitter can be effective, but should only be a piece of the equation!

Social Media Sites You Probably Haven’t Even Considered For Business Promotion!

The social media websites I’m about to mention can be amazing tools for business promotion. Best of all not every business utilizes them, unlike Facebook and Twitter so you can really stand out by using them efficiently! Remember though, not every social media site is suited for every business. You will have to do a little bit of research into each one to see if your niche has the ability to thrive on each network.


Tumblr is a great website with tons of dedicated and fanatical users. Because of this your posts have the ability to reach viral status rather quickly. Tumblr users love to share posts that they happen to like which is known as “reblogging.” If you run a company blog, post up a picture related to each blog post with a link in the description. Tag the post with various niche related hash tags and watch as people begin to like and reblog your photo!

Tumblr is amazing for driving traffic to your website as well as SEO because, each reblog is a separate back link to your blog post. I will give a fair warning because Tumblr is know for (NSFW) content. However, check it out and if it’s a good fit for your business, take advantage of the traffic and free back links.


Pinterest is not just for women! This was a misconception that I had about Pinterest…until I started to use it for my business. Not I notice a large increase in website traffic.

Surprisingly there is a thriving niche related following for anything that you can think of on Pinterest! Much the same as Tumblr, you can post a picture and a description with a link to your company’s blog post and watch as people like and “pin” your posts on to their boards! Pinterest is great for SEO as well as website traffic just like Tumblr. So check it out and see if your business could fit in there!


I’m not exactly sure if Reddit is considered a social media website. However, it is amazing for generating traffic to your website. How Reddit works is, people post links to articles as well as simply text and people have the option to “upvote”, “downvote” as well as comment on the article/ text.

If your article gets upvoted then it will move up in the rankings and be shown more prominently on the website. There are many various “subreddits” which are niche category subsets of the Reddit website. If your post is popular it will show up higher up on the page of the subbreddit which will give your article a ton of exposure. Of course however, if your article is extremely popular you have the chance to be shown on the front page of Reddit! If this happens you can expect a GIGANTIC spike in website visitors as well as tons of shares to various social media websites.

All of these social media sites are amazing for business promotion in their own ways. Check out the ones I mentioned and do a little bit of research to see if your business’s niche has a following on any of these sites. If so you should set up a profile and get some followers immediately!

Always remember, there are way more social media websites out there that are not as mainstream as Facebook and Twitter. It never hurts to do a bit of research to find out if there are any more valuable social media outlets to promote your business out there that you haven’t considered yet!

That’s it for this article, thanks for reading! Be sure to leave your comments, questions and concerns in the comment box!