What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website for visibility in search engines. It is a semi-complex process but explained in the simplest terms it can be described as such. A search engine has algorithms known as “robots” that search (otherwise known as crawl) web pages for content. These robots check the website for a variety of features and clues as to how the website deals it’s content. Websites which the robots deem to be of quality, robust content get to the top of the list. Websites that are deemed to be lesser quality or even suspect go to the bottom of the list or are even banned from search engines completely.

Benefits of search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is honestly a miraculous tool for advertisers and organizations looking to get exposure. Every day thousands of people in your area are searching for a product or service exactly like yours. It is through SEO that you are able to leverage these throngs of qualified buyers to your advantage. After all you do want these people to click on your website link rather than your competitors, right?

Why your business needs search engine optimization services

  • Search Engine Optimized websites get first dibs on interested prospects

  • Leverage thousands of people already searching for your products and/or services

  • Great content on your website equals better experience for website readers

  • Increase sales on eCommerce websites

  • Increase brand awareness


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Some Helpful SEO Statistics


70% of the links search engine users click on are organic.


33% is the amount of clicks the first Google search result receives.


75% of users never click through to the second page of search results.

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