The New SEO Tactics For 2014 And Beyond

Lately, we at Climb New Heights have come to a few conclusions in our research for optimal internet marketing strategies. And this infographic that we found, proves these conclusions!

Lately, we have been building our brands and engagement on various social media websites: Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook & Twitter to name a few. What have we noticed? Traffic to our website like never before!

In the past, SEO was all about manually submitting your url to link directories, staying anonymous, as well as organic traffic. Not to mention only writing website content for search engines, complete with keyword stuffing and terrible grammar for the sake of cramming as many key words as humanly possible into the text. Lately, it has been way more effective for people to write content for the users. Anonymity is out, now that Google authorship is here. However, Google recently got rid of Google author photos as the pictures were distracting users from clicking on ads. Since this hurt Google’s bottom line they removed the author pictures from the SERP’s. Still, building a personal brand is important in today’s highly social market place. As people don’t want to buy products and services from nameless companies but from people they feel like they know and most importantly trust!

In 2014 and beyond, build your companies brand on the various social media websites. Write incredible content that is user focused on your blog. Create ingenious marketing strategies to diversify your web traffic and most of all engage your users and create a conversation about your brand!

Make sure you check out this infographic. It encompasses all of these new SEO tactics and more! Also, remember the past was all about organic search traffic. While this may get you a ton of visitors, it is never a good option to put all of your eggs into one basket!

The graphic featured in this article is from Unamo SEO (formerly Positionly).
SEO vs New SEO Tactics