Sam's Ferndale Grill

We at Climb New Heights are pleased to announce the unveiling of Sam’s Ferndale Grill’s New website design! Sam’s Ferndale Grill is located at 21468 Woodward, Ferndale, MI 48220 and has been a staple restaurant in the area for over 15 years. Sam’s features American, Greek, Coney Island and breakfast style foods served hot and fresh any time of day. Customers note that Sam’s dishes are incredibly large, generously priced and of course delicious as ever.

When a representative from Sam’s Ferndale Grill approached us about doing their website we were incredibly honored to have the opportunity to bring their restaurant to the world wide web. Sam’s is the first restaurant website design in Oakland county that we’ve had the pleasure to create! We were also happy to find out that they already had a strong following on websites such as Yelp!, Google+, and surprisingly enough their Facebook page which didn’t even have an image or a representative of the company moderating it had a whopping 100+ fans and over 1,200 check-ins!

This brings us to a lesson that we learned from this particular job. When setting up your business on social media, first make sure that pages for your business are not already set up! If they are, make sure to gain ownership of the pages and update any and all information to the correct business hours, etc.

Sam’s Ferndale Grill’s new URL is, feel free to check it out and place an order while you’re at it! You won’t be disappointed.