Responsive Websites In Sterling Heights Michigan

Responsive Fitness Blog Website Design

We at Climb New Heights recently finished production on a new responsive (mobile-friendly) fitness blog website. The website features the ever-so-popular and trendy parallax website design, which has recently swept the world of website design. A parallax website design is where the background does not scroll at the same speed as the rest of the website. This form of website has become extremely popular lately so we figured we had to try our hand at creating one!

We have been creating responsive websites for all of Southeast Michigan lately. However, this is the first of the responsive websites in Sterling Heights, Michigan that we’ve created. To be clear we’ve created tons of websites in Sterling Heights (just none that were responsive (mobile-friendly)).

Since the blog is focused on profitability we created a e-mail newsletter signup area. In order to entice readers to sign up we created a quality e-book and displayed advertisements for the e-book with newsletter signup all over the site. The website features beautiful stylings and lots of calls-to-action. Not to mention immense usability and functionality. Not only does it display great on any screen but it also offers an amazing user experience.

We have no doubt that this blog will perform great. Not only in terms of usability but also in terms of profitability. We just wrote an article last week about creating blogs for profitability. The blog was secretly about this very same website. If you wish to visit the website please visit