If Your Website Doesn’t Respond To The Size Of Your Users Screen You’ll Be Left In The Dust!

The internet is changing and mobile/ responsive web design is on the rise. As we have mentioned before in our blog posts, the old ways of marketing are a thing of the past. In the beginning of the internet (for civilian use NOT military), businesses would hock thousands of dollars at a web designer and tell them, “make me a website!” The websites that were made were nothing more than monuments to the business. People had no reason to frequent these sites except possibly to get the address or phone number maybe even check out the menu if it was a restaurant.

In today’s market place the big money is in interaction. Not just that your website needs to be interactive, but your customers (and potential customers) need to interact with your brand. It is said that a consumer will encounter your brand at least 3 times before they will make a purchasing decision. For this reason, your website needs to be the hub of your brand, not just a beautiful plaque which signifies your existence. Your website needs to have valuable information for your potential customers to consume and answer the question of “what problems can your business help me solve?” Not only that, but your website needs to provide a great user experience no matter what sized screen they are utilizing!

With The Rise Of Mobile Web Usage, Responsive Web Design Is The Answer

With today’s generation of internet users utilizing a variety of devices to access the internet (phones, tablets, iphones, androids, etc.) there is no telling what device is going to end up on your website. The worst thing you could do is create a bad user experience for a first time visitor of your website. It is said that 72% of internet users want mobile friendly websites and that 61% of those asked would actually leave a website it if was not mobile friendly.

In Short Not Having A Responsive Website Will Lead To Profit Loss!

  • Mobile users are on the move and are looking to spend money immediately. Think about it, you’re out and about and got the urge for some tasty food. What do you do? Get on that handy dandy smart phone and Google local restaurants. If your website doesn’t give a good mobile friendly experience they are likely to click on another site!
  • Tablet users use their search function 73.9% of the time. That’s right, tablet users spend more time searching for businesses, questions, queries, etc more than any other activity. Wouldn’t it make sense to make sure your website is accessible to them?
  • 1 in 6 smartphone users utilize their phones for shopping related searches at least once a week. This is great news because these people are already looking to spend money, why not make sure they spend the money with your brand?
  • 81% of people prefer mobile websites for their performance and speed. Mobile first approaches to web design take a no-nonsense view at web design, cutting out the clutter and otherwise extravagant gobbledygook that normally slow websites down. Makes sense!
  • 73% of mobile searches trigger follow up action. A mobile website is a great way to increase your ROI (return on investment) because mobile users searching on their smart devices are action orientated and making the decision making easy for them is your best bet to fill your pockets with cold hard cash!

In case you’re wondering where we got the statistics from (we stole them shhh…) but for everyone else thanks for reading! Leave any questions, comments or concerns below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!