Press Releases? I Thought Those Were Only For The Press…

If you believe that press releases are only to be released to the press then you are missing out SEVERELY! For those of you who don’t know what a press release is, it’s an article which in the past was written in hopes that a major news organization would pick it up and publish it. Speaking of which, prepare for an interesting fact. Whenever you’re watching the news and they mention a popular brand and one of their major announcements that is not news but rather a thinly veiled paid advertisement!

Back to the subject at hand. If your business is making moves, you are doing your business a disservice by not utilizing press releases. Press releases are a great way to get the word out on upcoming company events, company expansion, changes to your core services, etc. In the past press releases were only written for distribution to major news organizations. However, after the advent and popularity of the internet interested consumers now frequent major PR news websites and read news directly from the source. That source is your business! Press releases are used not only for unveiling breaking business news but are also great for increasing your businesses’ visibility, temporarily

Benefits Of Press Release

  • Unveiling Breaking Business News
  • Free Exposure For Your Business
  • Temporarily Boosting Search Engine Rankings
  • Building A Stronger Brand Identity
  • Raising Awareness About Your Business
  • Your Article May Go Viral
  • Your Article May Get Picked Up By A Mainstream Media Source

How To Write Your Press Release Or Any Content For That Matter

Ok, now that you know what a press release is and why it’s good we’ll tell you how to write them. You can take the tips we’re about to share and apply them to every piece of content you write for your business as well. First tip, get rid of the marketing and industry jargon (unless that’s how your customers speak.) The reason for this is that the press release is going to be read directly by your target audience and they don’t want to hear about how your product is “groundbreaking,” “the industry standard,” “world class,” etc. What they do want is for your to explain to them how your product and or service can solve a problem that they often face in the simplest way possible. Second tip, while it may not be useful to all businesses is to speak in a tone which is friendly, yet respectful. The third tip is to think of the demographics of your target audiences (notice I said audiences.) Now that you’ve thought of them, map them out, give them a name even. Let’s say that you own a college campus pizza place and one of your main demographics is drunken college kids. Write specifically to them and explain exactly how your delicious, greasy pizza can cure their hangovers and/or post-party nausea. Of course, that example is most likely far fetched from your actual business but you get the idea. Last tip is to write content to solve your consumers pain points. One great example this was a law office’s website with links to information of different cases that they take on. This is a great strategy because people visiting their site immediately know where to navigate to find the information that they need to solve their problems almost instantaneously.

Examples Of When To Write A Press Release

  • Upcoming Business Events
  • Opening A New Branch
  • Grand Openings
  • New Product Launch
  • Product Improvements
  • Any Other Major News You Can Think Of!

Well that’s it for this post. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns don’t hesitate to comment below. Thanks for reading!