Pinterest For Business

Pinterest Even Better For Business Than Facebook?

Yes it’s true, Pinterest beats out Suckerberg when it comes to social media business promotion. After Facebook’s IPA, our beloved Facebook is closer to being a scam than a legitimate outlet for promoting your business. Organic reach on all posts has been significantly stifled to the point that you have to pay to have EVERY post be seen by all your fans.

While Facebook’s users are all about fun and games, Pinterest users seem to have more of an agenda. An agenda which can make you tons of money! No, seriously! People use Pinterest for a variety of reasons. Some are checking out recipes or cool pictures. And others are connecting with the brands they love and checking out cool products that they wish to buy at a later date!

What Kind of Businesses Can Benefit From Pinterest?

It doesn’t matter whether you have a local brick and mortar store or if you sell products or services. Your business can benefit from Pinterest! Pinterest is a wonderful website with users that are interested in all kinds of different niches! No matter what your company sells or offers you can find not only a following, but a thriving community centered around your niche!

I’ll admit that I have only been using Pinterest for the past few months but that should also be a testament to the potency of the social website. Since the creation of my business profiles I have noticed not only an amazing amount of interaction with the pins that I post to my boards but I was also amazed at the increase of website traffic I’ve been accumulating.

If you’re worried about the legitimacy of creating a Pinterest for your business, rest assured most major corporations already have Pinterest profiles. This was something that I was personally shocked and amazed to learn about!

Pinterest For Business Tips

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about a few tips for getting the most from your business Pinterest account!

As I mentioned earlier, no matter what your business is you will find an excellent niche following on Pinterest. Whether you want people to see your products, read your blog posts or share your infographics and videos you can do so on Pinterest.

All you have to do is “pin” a nice picture related to the content you wish to share. Then your followers will begin to “like” and “pin” the posts to their own boards! The best part is that since the post is linked to a url on your website you are essentially building links. Unlike Facebook where people don’t want to share other people’s content, Pinterest is ALL about sharing other people’s content. The key is to create amazing content and it is sure to go viral!

Something helpful that you may want to consider is verifying your url on your profile. It’s completely free, easy to do and adds another layer of legitimacy to your business profile. Sort of like a cheap version of the Twitter verified profile.

Another Pinterest Business tip is to make sure to add a “Pin It” button to your images as well as a “Follow Us On Pinterest” button to your website. That way interested Pinterest users can not only have an easy way to follow your business but also do some of the “pinning” for you!

Something cool that Pinterest allows you to do is allow your followers to pin to your boards. This allows for a two way engagement with your brand and also helps your customers feel like part of the fabric of your company. Something you could consider is to create a board for pictures of people using your products!

As you can see Pinterest for business offers limitless possibilities! No matter what you’re selling or offering, you can find an amazing niche following on Pinterest and effectively market it in any number of ways!

That’s it for this article, as always thank you for reading! If you have any questions, comments or concerns please leave them in the comment box below!