Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites Macomb County Michigan

Recently, one of our clients realized just how important that mobile websites were for the future of web. He had realized that much of his target market were people who spent most of their time browsing the internet on their mobile devices. This made him think of an excellent opportunity. In the past he had mentioned to me the fact that he spend a lot of money on his Adwords Pay-Per-Click campaigns and that his competitors were spending a lot of money on mobile search. This lead him to recently have us at Climb New Heights update all of his websites to be mobile friendly!

Mobile Websites Macomb County Michigan

So far we have updated all of our clients websites to be mobile friendly, with the exception of one. His main flagship website, which is going to be getting a complete overhaul and will deserve a blog post all it’s own! However, all this talk about converting websites to be mobile friendly made us spend all last weekend making our own website responsive!

Responsive Websites Are Better Than Mobile

The beginning of mobile friendly websites meant that mobile users were directed to a one size fits all website that was supposedly user friendly for a small screen and slow connection. It’s no secret that many people browsing the web are doing it on a mobile device. However, with the increase in mobile devices out there, you can never be sure what size screen they will be using! This is why we have specialized in responsive websites. Responsive websites are websites that respond to the size of a users screen so that they will look great no matter what device they browse on.

Screen Sizes To Consider For Mobile Websites

  • Large Desktops & Monitors
  • Modern Widescreen Laptops
  • Older Monitors
  • Tablets In Both Portrait & Landscape Configuration
  • Mobile Phones In Both Portrait & Landscape Configuration
  • Older Mobile Phones

Responsive Websites Take Care Of All Screen Sizes

Responsive Website Design Macomb County

Responsive Web Design Takes All Screen Sizes Into Account!

Because responsive website design accounts for all screen sizes, you can be rest assured that your website will look great no matter what device your website visitor chooses. Also, responsive websites create an excellent user experience. For smaller screens, large files are not loaded to prevent longer load times for slower connections. All larger screens will have more amenities because they are most likely using a faster connection and the larger the screen the more you can show! If you are looking for a mobile website in Macomb County, Michigan than look no further than Climb New Heights! We are currently running an offer of mobile website conversions starting at $299! For new websites our rates are starting at just $799 and you can be rest assured you are getting the best website around!