Recently, Climb New Heights was asked to do a magazine advertisement for a national car loan agency based out of Madison Heights Michigan. Auto Loan Options (Powered by Consumer Connect) had realized a prime opportunity for advertising when an upcoming industry event was going to be held in Las Vegas. ALO decided that they wanted their message to be prominently displayed in an industry magazine which was a sponsor of the event so they contacted the magazine to get some information on placing a half page island ad in the latest issue.

Auto Loan Options picked a great choice with going with a half page island ad because other types of advertisement sizes are normally grouped with other ads. When consumers see pages of only ads, they normally seem to glance over these pages without much second though. However, choosing a half page island ad means that their ad will be adjacent and even directly in the middle of an actual article. This means that the average reader will begin to read the ad or will be subjected to the advertisement without even realizing it!

Auto Loan Options

However, this was not even the best part of their advertising strategy. After the design had already been completed and the design had been submitted. Auto Loan Options realized that they had made a big mistake, however it wasn’t too late to fix what had been done. After looking through a few issues of the car loan industry magazine in question they had taken a better look at the competition. That’s when they had realized that the competition was posting blurbs in their ads about how they were going to be at the industry expo and to visit their booths. That’s when ALO decided to call up the person in charge of advertising and see if it wasn’t too late too make any last minute changes. Lucky for Auto Loan Options, they were in luck. They had called us up and told us to include a blurb about how they were going to be at the Las Vegas industry expo and to visit their booth.

Morals of the story: make sure your advertisements are clearly visible to your customer, make sure your message is easily accessible, and last but not least make sure that your customer is hit with your message from multiple mediums. It is said that a consumer will engage with your brand usually after seeing your message a minimum of three times!