How To Increase Interaction On Your Blog

So Your New Blog Is A Ghost Town…

So you started a blog, you took the plunge and started writing articles. But where are all the commenters, visitors and shares on social media? Don’t worry, your new blog isn’t hopeless. I’ll give you some tips on how to increase interaction on your blog so you don’t look so pathetic writing all of those blog posts anymore.

Building A Tribe

So obviously the name of the game when it comes to blogging is…writing more blogs. You should continue to do this regardless of how much interaction your blog gets. But you should also do these things:

  • Frequent & Comment Useful Thoughts On Blogs In Your Industry
  • Write Guest Blogs On Other Blogs In Your Niche
  • Interact With Industry Leaders On Social Media
  • Share Other People’s Content

By interacting with other people’s blogs you are essentially planting good seeds. They say you reap what you sew and while this is a slow process it is well worth it. No one ever said that building a popular blog would be fast or easy.

When you blog on industry leader’s blogs you are doing a few things simultaneously. You are leaving your link, you are hopefully adding value to the conversation and finally and most importantly you are slowly building trust/ a relationship with the industry leader!

Industry leader blogs already have a ton of traffic and by leaving your comment with your link (that is hopefully insightful) some of their readers will see your comment and check out your blog to see what you say.

When you are able to create a virtual friendship with leaders in your niche it is extremely invaluable to your own blog. By sharing their content, befriending them on social media, etc after a while they may throw you a bone and share your content.

However, you must make sure that your own content is valuable in the first place otherwise you probably will not receive much respect from other people in your industry.

Important Points To Consider

When you are befriending others in your industry and commenting on their blogs, do so freely. IE: give away value and never expect anything in return.

By doing this, you will never feel jaded if they don’t reciprocate your efforts and also you shouldn’t be doing these activities with a selfish spirit.

It will work much more to your advantage if you do not seem as though you are just trying to play the system for your own gain. People don’t trust snakes so just try to be genuine. The golden rule applies to blog etiquette as well.