How Often Can You Repost Content To Social Media?

Were You Aware You Could Repost Content To Social Media?

If you’re like me you would never repost content to social media because you had this irrational fear that your followers would call you out on it. However, reposting your content is not only common but one of the best practices!

I went through the past 2-3 years writing a blog post or creating a cool original meme only to share it out one time and one time only.

But the fact of the matter is, if you’re not reposting your content to social media you are leaving visitors, sales, conversions, etc. on the table!

How Many Times & How Often Can You Share The Same Content On Social Media?

How often you are able to share your content to social media varies greatly from platform to platform. Let’s go over a few of the major platforms.

How Often Can You Repost Content To Social Media?


As we all know, Twitter is extremely fast paced.

If you have over a few hundred followers, you could spend any amount of time crafting an amazing tweet only to send it off and get washed away in a sea of other people’s tweets.

This is both a blessing and a curse however, because of the fast paced nature of Twitter you can repost the same content multiple times and get away with it.


Facebook is the one place that you want to avoid posting the same content too often because more likely than not, you will get called out for it.

Although, half of the people who like your Facebook fan pages don’t even get to see your content you should still refrain from posting the same content without at least a month’s worth of time in between each duplicate post.


Google+ has almost the same rules as Facebook in terms of reposting your content however, you are able to post a little bit more frequently there.

If you repost the same link twice within the span of 2 weeks you would most likely be in the clear.

What To Remember When Reposting Your Content

When reposting your content always remember to change something up about the post itself. You don’t want to appear to be another spam social media account.

A slight change in your approach to unveiling the information will make all the difference in the world and you can keep people coming back to your most popular posts that drive the most engagement!

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