5 Tips To Help You Grow Your Brand On Instagram

Everyone Wants A Large Instagram Following But How Do You Go About Getting It?

It’s no secret that social media drives business in the 21st century. People are driving traffic, engagement, sales and revenue through various social media platforms and Instagram is no different. So what do you do to grow your brand on Instagram?

Have no fear because I’m going to hit you with 5 tips to help you grow your brand, let’s get started!

Tip #1: Be Consistent With Your Posts

Instagram is essentially like a social photo book that you can scroll through. However a big part of your success on Instagram will depend on your ability to create and nurture expectation and anticipation for your posts.

If your community is used to receiving awesome pictures from your brand 1-3 times daily then they will come to expect to see your posts in their feed on a regular schedule.

Consistently putting out great content as well as putting out the content in the same manner will create trust and excitement surrounding your brand!

Tip #2: Put Out Great Content

This tip involves a bit of research into other Instagram profiles in your niche.

Essentially you want to see what others are posting and see what’s working for them.

Once you figure out what the people in your niche want to see, it’s up to you to deliver that content.

Tip #3: Use Hashtags


Hashtags are an amazing way to get seen by potentially millions of people who don’t even follow your Instagram page!

The trick is that you do not want to post the hashtags in the caption of your photo but rather in the comments. That way you can receive engagement on your photo from people who search through hashtags and then delete them later while leaving your caption intact.

One great resource for finding hashtags that are the most popular in your niche is tagforlikes.com.

Tip #4: Don’t Sell…Engage!

Many people fall into the trap of trying to sell their audience with every post. This comes off as extremely spammy and in case you haven’t noticed Instagram has taken measures to keep their social media platform as non-spammy as possible. For example, they will only let you place one link on your profile and that’s in your description.

Because of this, you must follow a posting routine which resembles the jab, jab, jab, right hook pattern which was coined by Gary Vaynerchuk.

In essence, you will post 3 posts which are nonchalant and then hit them with your big sales pitch. However, since Instagram has it’s limitations on links in your profile, you’ll need to get creative with your sales pitches.

That’s what you should do to engage with your audience. You should also encourage them to engage with you by calling for them to tag a friend in your post or to “double tap” if they agree. Double tapping something in agreement is much more casual than “like this picture”.

Tip #5: Networking, Shout Outs & Contests

If you’re putting out great content, engaging with your audience, etc. than your brand should be growing organically.

However, through networking with other pages in your industry you can grow your page exponentially!

If doing shout outs and networking is not your style, you can always run a giveaway/ contest and this will get people to follow and talk about your brand and that’s always a great thing!