Graphic Design & Logo Design Macomb MI

We recently had the pleasure to create a cool logo design as well as some label designs for a company that creates amazing as well traditional beef jerky in Macomb, Michigan.

Country Joe's Logo Design

It all began with a phone call from a man named Joe who happened to have this incredible family recipe for beef jerky using all natural ingredients. Supposedly the recipe had been passed down through generations of his family and he was ready to harness the power of the internet to make his jerky mainstream!

First thing was first, he needed a logo designed. The logo had to capture the feel of the brand, which was a country-type down south feel. I had a field day designing the logo. Being a product that coincides with beef, I had the opportunity to create a super cool “Texas style” steer head logo. I also got to experiment with some western style fonts. And of course, I had to to illustrate the fact that the product is a home style, family recipe! The result was what you see to the right!

Country Joe's Black Pepper Beef Jerky

Not only does Country Joe create delicious beef jerky but he also was handed down an awesome recipe for beef sticks! We got to work creating some awesome labels for his product. He wanted the labels to be printed on parchment paper to give it an old style feel. He also wanted to shy away from the fully printed bags with the tiny see through window that you see most mainstream beef jerky companies using.

The result was a new school label with old school flair. Each flavor has it’s own unique style and the product is still the main focus of the packaging. Whereas more processed beef jerky manufacturers try to hide the product until you get home. That’s when you realize that you just purchased a big bag of air with only a tiny bit of beef in it.

All in all, this project was a ton of fun. Joe wanted the pictures for his website to be unique, high quality and have a country feel to them. He set up a ton of photographs with his newly designed packaging for his website and we had the pleasure to crop them and add little touches of flair. The beef jerky and beef sticks will be available for sale on his website shortly @ I know I will be one of the first to purchase a bag myself.

Make no mistake, Climb New Heights is your source for eye catching graphic design & logo design in Macomb, Michigan!