Facebook's rules are changing, how do they affect your business?

Facebook’s Rules Are Changing, Is Your Business Affected?

In the beginning, Facebook was an extraordinary took for businesses to market their products and/ or services for free. Just create some great content and share it on your wall. Every one who clicked “like” on your page would then see your post and your message would be viewed by all. However, times are changing. Facebook is attempting to go toe to toe with major online news outlets whose front page is full of trending articles and latest pop culture news. In that attempt, they have deemed your business page’s posts to be sub-par and have come up with a new algorithm for displaying content. The logic that Facebook is riding on is their perception of what “they think” users want to see. Obviously they (Facebook) think that users don’t want to see content from brands. While this may be partially true, for brands that go out of their way to create useful, engaging, and interesting content you are SOL!

How Does Facebook’s New Algorithm Work?

As it turns out, inviting your uninterested friends to like your business page was a bad idea after all. The way Facebook’s new algorithm works is that when you post content to your fan page Facebook will then send your content to a few of your fans. Based on the reaction of the people who saw your post determines if anyone else will see your post. In other words, FB sends your post to a few people and if no one likes your post it dies right there in it’s tracks! Facebook claims that this new algorithm will allow for more interesting content being shown in the news feed. While this may be true (that people will be more interested in the content), this mostly allows for mindless pop culture references, internet memes, as well as ultimately more revenue for Facebook.

Facebooks New Algorithm Makes Sure Next To Nobody Sees Your Posts

Facebook’s new algorithm makes sure next to nobody sees your posts!

Facebook’s new algorithm is set up to create more revenue. How, you might ask? Simply put, your business works hard to create quality content for your fans to enjoy and limiting how many people see it means that you will have to pay money (in Facebook advertisements) for your content to be shown. In the past this was a problem only seen by people who bought fake likes from countries like India and Indonesia however this is a common problem for most business pages as of December 2013.

Yes, it wasn’t until recently that we at Climb New Heights noticed that our fan pages reach went down significantly even though we were working so hard to provide quality content.

How To Get The Most Out Of Facebook Despite The New Algorithm

  1. Make Sure Your Likes Are Targeted. It is not such a good idea anymore to invite all your friends to join your page. Make sure most of your “likes” are organic by taking steps to ensure people that like your page are actually interested in your business. These could include adding a FB like button to your website so targeted visitors that have an initiative to like your page do so.
  2. If Your Business Is Interesting Already You Are Golden. Do you own a well liked art studio? Do you post hilarious internet memes? Do people generally get excited when your business is mentioned? If so then the new algorithm should not affect your page! For everyone else, move onto the next step.
  3. Give Facebook Money. If your business page’s reach has been stifled have no fear. Simply give the Facebook gods an offering in the form of Facebook advertising dollars and they will make sure more people see your page!
  4. Attempt To Create More Interesting Content. Although this task is the hardest, we at Climb New Heights are working hard to experiment and see what types of content works the best for maximum exposure and you should too! We have attempted to create a culture around our brand in such a way that we can incorporate business motivation and various types of art into our brand image. Because of this, it allows us to post semi-unrelated content and get away with it! However, this hasn’t worked to our advantage YET.

A Video That Partially Explains Facebook’s New Algorithm

The following video entitled “Facebook Fraud” talks about how this particular Facebook fan page experienced negative effects from having hundreds of non-targeted likes on the bottom line of the reach of his fan page. Check it out and let us know what you think!