More Facebook Marketing Tactics

Facebook Marketing Tactics For 2014!

Last week we gave you a list of Facebook Marketing Tips, but this week we’ll take it a step further and give you more insight into your campaign and how you can optimize it!

Facebook Marketing Tactic #1

Should You Run Desktop, Mobile and Right Side Ads Simultaneously?

Facebook Mobile Ad Preview

Facebook allows you to run desktop, mobile and right side ads all in one ad! But never do this. Choose 1 and for each campaign. Facebook itself even tells you to do this. What I recommend is if you are going for likes, go for mobile. As people on their phones are just passing time and are more susceptible to passing time on your page. If it’s interesting that is! To the right you’ll see a preview for our mobile ad that we’re currently running to get likes to our Facebook page. You’ll notice that we’ve purposely decided to draw attention the the like button. A tactic that we’ll discuss in a tip further down the page.

However, if you are trying to advertise for a product, website, etc. go with desktop. People browsing Facebook on desktops are much more likely to be susceptible to your ad. Where as mobile users are not as likely to reach for their wallet and spend money. Make sure your ad links to a nicely designed and highly optimized Facebook landing tab and you’ll be sure to convert visitors.

Right side ads are cheaper however they are not as effective. If you are going with right side ads definitely bid on impressions as people will need to see your ad multiple times to pay attention to it.

Facebook Marketing Tactic #2

Optimization, Optimization, Optimization!

Once your ad is up and running you want to pay attention to your ad manager. Specifically a few of the metrics found there!


Click Through Rate

One important metric to watch for is your CTR aka your click through rate. If you’re bidding on impressions this is especially important. Your click through rate determines a few things all at the same time. If you have a high click through rate that means that your ad is attention getting. It also means that you’ve targeted your market well. When running multiple ads in the same campaign watch for which ads have the highest click through rate because these ones are the most effective! You can disable the low performing ads and continue to run the high performing ones. Or you can try to optimize your ads for more clicks.


Cost Per Like

The second metric that you need to look for is the cost. Facebook does a good job of letting you know how much each like is costing you. If you check this number and find it to be satisfactory then you can usually sit back and let your campaign run on auto pilot. However, if it is not to your liking then some more optimization needs to be done!

Compare The Amount Of Clicks To The Amount Of Likes

clicks vs results

As you can see on the far right of the above image you have the amount of clicks and on the far left there is the amount of likes. By comparing these two metrics you can determine a few different things. For one, if your amount of likes is much lower than your amount of clicks then there is something wrong there. If your ad is leading the patron to your Facebook page, then there is something wrong with your page or if it leads to a landing page, then something needs to be optimized with the page. This could also signify the fact that your targeting is off if people are clicking but not liking. Just a few things to consider.

Facebook Marketing Tactic #3

Get Creative!

Color Scheme

As you may know Facebook’s color scheme is all blue and white. If your ad is blue as well then it may get lose among the noise. That’s why you should experiment with different colors, preferably bright, to capture your viewers attention.

Capture The Viewers Attention

wtf picture

This is where you’re going to have to get really creative. Ask yourself, if you were scrolling through Facebook what would really catch your eye? There was one ad in particular. The picture was not colorful, however the image was a “wtf” picture of a woman on the beach leaning back on her hands. However I started from the head and began to look down her body and “wow it’s a foot?” That’s when it hit me that in order to capture people’s attention you need to get creative with the images. You can see the image that they used to the right.

Make Them Laugh

If you can find a way to make the customer laugh, you’ll win them over. One way we’ve been doing that is through using popular memes to get their attention and a funny slogan that tells them to click the like button. So far it’s been working wonderfully! Below you can see one of our favorite ads that we’ve been running.

Funny Facebook Ad

And that’s it for this weeks article. Let us know what you think in the comment section! Thank you for reading.