Are All Of Your Eggs In One Basket With SEO?

Ok, this blog post is going to be more of a rant than anything. With the title I’m not going to attract any organic searches as I’m sure no one is searching for the term “eggs in one basket with SEO” however I’m going to touch on an important topic.

If your business is relying solely on SEO to get you business then you are kind of at the mercy of one company. That company happens to be Google. Sure SEO encompasses all search engines but let’s face it none of those search engines get used nearly as much as Google.

Don’t get me wrong, there are hundreds of people searching for the product that YOU SPECIFICALLY offer every day on Google. And that’s just the local number! If we’re talking state wide the number could be thousands; nationwide the number could be MILLIONS! And this is wonderful.

However, at the end of the day if you only get business through Google you are potentially setting yourself up for a bad experience.

Having A Holistic Approach Towards Internet Marketing

So what is my solution? You should definitely spread out your eggs a bit. There are many legitimate avenues online to promote your business. In addition to your SEO you should also focus on finding out which social media platforms will work well for your business. Your social media profiles will flourish as long as you make sure you are publishing great content both on your website as well as off.

Write great articles on your blog that will educate your potential customers. If they find something that they like they can share it with their friends. Also, important is to make your articles and content on your website easy to share using social media share buttons! In addition, create cool branded graphics such as info graphics and memes that you can share on social media. These are great because they are informative and/or entertaining and people LOVE to share them!

In addition to the above mentioned techniques, if your business is constantly expanding or making moves, you can let the press in on the action and publish regular press releases. Press releases are a great way to boost your search engine rankings but also, if a member of the press finds your article and likes it they can write about it in a newspaper and spread the news even further!

In summary, I’m just trying to say that focusing only on getting to the front page of Google is a great strategy, however search engine algorithms change every day and it’s always nice to have a few different marketing funnels to feed you new and potential customers! That’s it for this article, thank you for reading and please be sure to leave your questions, comments and concerns below!