Responsive Websites In Macomb, MI

We at Climb New Heights recently had the pleasure of completing an e-commerce website for a client out in Macomb, MI! We’re please to announce the launch of Dock & Bay Trading Co!

A Little Bit Of Background Info

Dock & Bay Trading Co, was our first client that we got from our Google Adwords campaign. If you haven’t already you should definitely consider creating a campaign for your business.

Well, the creators of Dock & Bay came to us to create an e-commerce website for their Macomb, MI based business. They are extremely into nautical culture and decided they want to create a web store dedicated to selling nautical gifts, party accessories, hand crafted sail boats, etc!

What We Did

Dock & Bay Logo

We created a full scale brand identity for Dock & Bay from the ground up starting with their logo, website and business cards. To the right you can see their logo. I’m extremely happy with the way that the logo turned out as well as everything else that we did for them.

If you own a business, your logo and brand identity are no place to skimp. Your logo is the face of your brand and many people think they can get away with a cheap logo that was made by amateurs. In today’s business market competition is imminent and if you don’t look like you’re a major player in the market place you will get trampled quick!

For their website, my client had decided from the beginning that mobile friendly was the way to go. This was surprising to me because normally I’m the one selling my clients on why they should opt for a mobile friendly site. She had told me that, “If the website doesn’t fit the device that you are using, you might as well not even have it.” And how right she was.

Especially for an e-commerce website, having a responsive or at the very minimum a mobile site for visitors using mobile phones is imperative. More and more people are browsing the internet on mobile devices and tablets and it is a major company mistake to not accommodate those people.

Because there is such a large amount of consumer browsing the internet on their phones and tablet devices, these same people are more likely to actually pull out their wallet and pay for something that they like online. The issue arrives when they realize that they will have to use a desktop website on a mobile phone to complete a transaction. Most people will skip the headache and move on to the next website before even considering purchasing one of your items.

All in all we outfitted Dock & Bay Trading Co. with an amazing responsive website with a responsive web store. Their website also functions as a blog which will allow them to attract customers with their intense knowledge of nautical know how. Blogs are great for search engine optimization because you can write blogs about key words that you wish to be known for!

Well that’s it for this article. Thank you for reading and please be sure to leave your comments, questions and concerns below!