E-commerce Website In Macomb County Michigan

Macomb County, Michigan E-commerce Website Design

We at Climb New Heights are proud to announce the launch of a new customer website! Erin from Erin’s Performance recently contacted us about creating an e-commerce website for his Michigan based business. Erin’s Performance specializes in performance upgrades for Jeeps as well as diesel and gas trucks!

We were honored to have the opportunity to create such a cool website with an awesome theme! Erin’s website is based on a responsive web design, meaning that it’s able to be viewed attractively in any screen size. It’s shop section is also mobile friendly meaning that anyone who happens to shop on Erin’s website will have an extremely pleasant user experience.

A Word About Mobile Users & E-commerce

We are just going to briefly touch upon a subject that is extremely important when it comes to e-commerce websites. That is the fact that more and more people are accessing the internet and many of those people are doing so from their mobile devices.

Now more than ever, people surfing the web using a phone or tablet device are more likely to actually pull out their wallet and purchase an ACTUAL product! That is why it is so important to consider those people when making the decision to have your website built!

Because needless to say, if a person is shopping online and your website shows up extremely small on their screen, they are most likely going to exit your website. No offense to you, but it’s most likely because your website is too small to comfortably tap any of the buttons necessary to make the transaction. That and the fact that while handing over your sensitive credit card information, you don’t want to accidentally tap the wrong button!

Back To Talking About The E-Commerce Website We Just Launched!

Ok, now that we’ve got that out of the way! Erin’s Performance was an extremely fun website to work on. We created a plethora of social profiles to link to his website. Including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube & Instagram and his website already has the potential to become extremely popular. Just another testament to the power of social media for advertising!

Along with an extensive list of social profiles we also set it up with a full Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools setup. Something that our client was amazed at was the sheer volume information at his fingertips, when we showed him the ropes of how to get around and see exactly who viewed his website and how they interacted with it.

Our client is just now getting the hang of setting up his e-commerce store. He has around 100 different manufacturer’s products to upload so I think he’s going to be working on that for a while! If you’re interested in checking out Erin’s Performance website please visit www.erinsperformance.com! You can also view his website in our portfolio! So please make sure to head on over to his website and show some support for a business that’s “Made In Michigan!”