Designing Your PPC Landing Page For Optimal Conversions

As we mentioned in last week’s post, our client had approached about revamping a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) landing page. He had liked our landing page design so much that then lead to an entire website redesign! However, the design of a PPC landing page is extremely important. If you are going to be spending tens of dollars on a simple click you better make sure the page the user is taken to is highly targeted, beautifully designed, and speaks directly to them

Tips For Optimizing PPC Landing Pages For Optimal Conversions

  • Use Strong Calls To Action! Always be sure to include phrases which will guide the users actions. These can be phrases such as: “Call Now!”, “Apply Now!”, “Click Here To Increase Sales!”, etc!
  • Guide The Users Eye Through Use Of Color! One of the main jobs of a graphic designer is to have a visual hierarchy. Also known as guiding the users eye towards a path of most important elements to least important. One of the best ways to do this is through use of bright color. As you’ll notice on our customers former website, their site had a monotone color scheme which did not draw the users attention to any particular area.
  • Entice The User To Click! The best way to make a conversion is to tell the customer why your service is beneficial to THEIR NEEDS! If they don’t feel compelled or have no idea why in the world they would need you then they really don’t need you at all!

Design A PPC Landing Page For Optimal Conversions!

On the day the website was finished we were excited that not only was our customer pleased, but he had received 7 clicks on his PPC Campaign and 4 conversions! That’s a conversion rate of slightly over 57% which is incredible! So make sure you optimize your PPC Landing page correctly the next time you decide to run your Adwords campaign.