What Content Should You Share On Different Social Media Platforms

If you’re managing social media pages for your business, you’ve probably spent tons of time trying to figure out what to post on social media. We took out all the guesswork and created this infographic to assist you in creating shareable content for all social media platforms!

Shareable Content Infographic

Story Behind This Infographic

Managing multiple social media pages can be a chore at times. I know that I personally have scheduled the exact same post to be shared on Google+, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Obviously I would change my posting style a bit between platforms. However, I have noticed time and time again exactly how effective a post may be in one platform but completely fall on it’s face in another.

However, over time what I realized is that it wasn’t that my content was bad, it was that certain content does way better in certain social media platforms.

For instance, on Facebook you can post an article that deals with one subject. People may read it and if it’s any good they may share it with their friends, like the post or comment.

However, take that same post and put it on on Pinterest and all you will hear is crickets. Pinterest users will rarely pin an article dealing with one topic to any board. That is unless you’re able to take that topic and break it up into a “Top 5” list.

Creating Content For Pinterest

What I’ve come to realize is that Pinterest users don’t find articles dealing with one topic to be worthy of a “pin”. They most likely read over the article once and leave it alone because humans tend to believe they have a great memory.

This barrier is broken once you can take the information and split it up into a list. Take the list and give it a click worthy name and you’ll have your article pinned on many different boards in no time!

Creating Content For Instagram

While images on Facebook can be hit or miss, on Instagram those same images are a goldmine. Don’t be afraid to delve deep into pop culture and create some company branded memes.

These company branded memes are great because they get lots of engagement and if you’re lucky someone will steal your meme and post it on their wall. (Don’t forget to add a watermark of your company’s Instagram on the meme or this one is useless.)

Instagram Post Suggestions
  • Branded Memes
  • Product Pics
  • Product Demos
  • Behind The Scenes Pics
  • Promotions/ Giveaways

Instagram is also the place to connect with your fanbase on a personal level. Don’t be afraid to post pictures from inside the office or pictures of funny events that may take place in your workplace throughout the day.

Creating Content For Twitter

Twitter is one of the harder social media platforms to get right. Some tweeters will tweet hundreds of times per day. With all this clutter, it’s hard for your tweets to get noticed.

In order to get the most out of Twitter, make sure to engage with your customers/ fans. Also, consider tweeting out funny, motivational or memorable quotes as these types of posts seem to do well.

Pay attention to popular hashtags and use them when applicable. The lifespan of a hashtag is short however, they have the possibility to bring in a ton of attention if used correctly.


Well that’s it for this article. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Make sure you let me know your experiences with creating shareable content on social media in the comments section. Thank you so much for reading!