Climb New Heights To Sponsor The MS Fitness Challenge!

We At Climb New Heights Are Excited To Announce…

We at Climb New Heights are excited to announce our sponsorship of the MS Fitness Challenge! The MS Fitness Challenge is an organization founded by David Lyons, a bodybuilder who was diagnosed with MS. David and his wife were determined to help out other people who were stricken with Multiple Sclerosis. Their organization’s mission statement is “Encouraging People To Overcome Multiple Sclerosis Through Fitness and Nutrition.”

For those of you who are unfamiliar, MS is a chronic and unpredictable autoimmune disease which affects the central nervous system. MS essentially blocks the bodies ability to send electrical signals to the various parts of the body and is a seriously debilitating disease!

If you weren’t aware I, Danny Ajini founder of Climb New Heights, am an avid fitness enthusiast. I am grateful to not only help out a charitable organization which is ran by a fellow Christian but also one that promotes fitness to people who really need it. Fitness is an incredible healing activity and is great for people from all walks of life.

We will be supplying The MS Fitness Challenge with banners, posters as well as stickers for their events and look forward to doing so! We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to help out and hope that this leads to a lasting relationship between both organizations! Please check back for more updates!