Climb New Heights recently put up an ad on Craigslist promoting our services and we really didn’t expect to hear from anyone. However, the very next morning we got a call from a person that runs a Car Loan business and was looking to sponsor an MMA fighter. They came up with the name Car Loan Champ and commissioned us to do the logo. Little did we know that the logo for Car Loan Champ was to be submitted to Spike TV the very next day for approval. There is a slight chance that the logo will be aired on TV on the night of 1/31/2013 if Ben Lagman’s fight get’s aired. He is not on the official program for the night however if there are quick K-O’s or submissions then it is a possibility that they will air his fight!

Ben Lagman is actually a Warren, MI native which is very cool to hear about a local Michigander making it big. He was also in a MTV series titled “Bully Beatdown” in which tormented teenagers actually get to watch their bullies get beat downs for cash prizes. If you want to see it you can check out Bully Beat Down season 1 episode 8. To be honest we are very excited that Ben is sporting our logo, he is a phenomenal fighter. Here is a video of one of his 9 second knockouts!

Not only did we do the logo but we also designed their website ( which you can get a nice little glimpse of it on our portfolio page!