How to become a LinkedIn Open Networker

Many people use the website LinkedIn for their professional/ business life. However, many of these people only set up a mediocre profile and add 3-5 of their friends that they remember from college or work and that is exactly the extent of their interaction with LinkedIn. The way that I have received thousands of contacts and tons of exposure through Linkedin is by becoming a LinkedIn Open Networker (or LION for short). Keep in mind becoming a LinkedIn Open Networker isn’t just for business owners. It’s also great for business professionals and job seekers!

What is a LinkedIn Open Networker

Because I have nearly 2,000 LinkedIn connections my reach stretches out to around 25 million connections respectively!

Because I have nearly 2,000 LinkedIn connections my reach stretches out to around 25 million connections respectively!

A LinkedIn Open Networker is someone who specifically states on their profile that they are open to and willing to accept requests to connect from anyone across the globe. Benefits of doing this are increased exposure to yourself and your business. Through becoming a LION you will increase your presence in LinkedIn search results (because you have more connections than a normal individual LinkedIn automatically sees you as an expert). Becoming a LION will also mean that you will have hundreds to thousands of connections. These connections will have an exponential effect on your reach as many of your connections will also be open networkers. The amount of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so forth connections will be so vast they may span in the millions.

If you are a business owner, or otherwise looking to gain exposure professionally, I would definitely recommend becoming a LinkedIn Open Networker. Below I will go over the steps as well as some precautions to take along the way to avoid headaches!

Steps to becoming a LinkedIn Open Networker

  1. Clean up your profile. Make your profile as professional as possible. Increase the length of your title to include more key words as your profile will be highly searchable from this point forward. Also in the steps to follow your profile will be seen by many people so it is important to put your best foot forward as many of these people will only see your profile 1 time.
  2. Create a spam email. Becoming a LinkedIn Open Networker will mean that your email will become prey to spammers. Offset this by creating a spam email address to be the receptacle for all this newly acquired junk mail. Also, write a short statement on the bottom of your profile summary. This statement should mention something about the fact that you are a Linked In Open Networker and that you will accept invitations to connect from anybody. Be sure to write this statement as professional as possible. Maybe look online for better wording. Also, disclose the spam email address as people will need an email address in order to send you an invitation to connect.
  3. Sign up on or similar LinkedIn LION database. Sign up on using your spam email address. They will then send you around 4 excel spreadsheets. These spreadsheets contain around 500 email addresses a piece separated by commas. You can take these email addresses and copy the entire list and paste them into the bulk invitation field in LinkedIn. Beware the fact that after you do this some people who don’t play nice will ignore your requests to connect (These people are not true LIONs). Don’t get discouraged as you will figure this out the next time you go to invite someone to join your network. You offset this by clicking a simple “I agree” to a LinkedIn popup and that will be the last time you will hear about it!
  4. Let the connections roll in! After the initial invitation you should expect to wake up the next morning with upwards of 500+ contacts on LinkedIn! This number will only increase over time as more people get to their in boxes and realize that you invited them to connect. As well as more people find your profile and request to connect with you. This is natural and will only benefit your success on the LinkedIn social network