Please enjoy this cool infographic that we found about the 7 elements of smart content. People don’t really think about content that much. However, the truth of the matter is that flashy images and animations can do pretty good, but excellently written content will draw customers in and convert like no other!

It Must Be Created For Your Ideal Customer

One of the major things to think about when advertising, is who are you going after. It is cool to just target anybody that will listen. However, the riches are in the niches.

Find your ideal customer. The one who is REALLY interested in your products or services. The one who will pay top dollar to have it. And finally, sell directly to them! Speak to them in their language, using their slang/ jargon. It will make all the difference in the end!

It Should Be Helpful, Informative & ENTERTAINING!

If your articles or content are boring. No one is going to care. Entertain your guests. Help them with a problem that they might have. Think of your customer and a problem that they face that no one else has addressed.

Help them with that problem and you have a customer for life!

It Should Be Created On A Consistent Basis

Creating good content is great. However, what happens when the person is done reading your article. Will they go on to read another one of your excellent articles…or are they going to realize that all the rest of your content sucks and bounce from your website immediately. Something to consider.

Make sure you are always putting out great content. It helps out in more ways than one!

It Should Be Able To Be Spread Quickly & Easily

Having social media share buttons on your website is so amazing, it’s not even funny. All it takes is for the right person to like your post, and want to share it on their Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Sure, if people like your article they can easily copy the url and paste it into their Facebook status. However in today’s day and age, people are much more likely to move on with their day. Make it easy so they will share your content the moment the thought strikes. Otherwise your article will be left in the dust.!

All Content Should Be Linked To At Least One Of Your Products Or Services

If you writing compelling content, make sure it is related to one or more of your products or services. Having compelling content is one thing, but when a person can read an interesting/ entertaining article about one of your products. They will be reading an advertisement without even realizing it!

Best of all if they share it with their friends that’s the icing on the cake!

Always Include A Call To Action

Calls to action are important. You want to point your customer in the right direction. That direction is the one which leads to them becoming a conversion, aka pulling out the ole’ wallet and paying for one of your products or services!

It Must Be Measurable & Produce A Return On Investment

Always think of ways to make your marketing efforts measurable so you can calculate how much you are getting in return.

You can do this by creating redirect links through Google Analytics, special coupon codes, source ID’s, etc. It’s the new age way of saying “Tell ’em Bob sent ya!” But, instead of Bob, it’s a blurb of excellent content that you wrote.

Seven Elements Of Smart Content Infographic