There are tons of different opinions when it comes to content creation, but we’re going to give you 6 different types of content you should create for SEO.

#1 Blogs

Number 1 on the list of content you should create for SEO are blogs. Blogs are great for a variety of reason. For one, they increase the amount of keywords that your website will rank for. They give the search engines content to crawl and index as well as inform and hopefully delight your customers. All around blogs are king when it comes to content creation.

#2 Images

Number 2 on the list is images. Images are bite sized little morsels that are easily sharable and spreadable. In today’s marketing world sharability is key when you want your information to go viral.

Concentrated on cool informative or funny branded images and make them easily sharable. Either through social media buttons on your website or just by sharing them through social media. I’m talking memes, scaled down infographics and just generally informative images that people will enjoy. If you run a cooking blog maybe post a recipe in the form of an image with your company logo/url. Speaking of which, Pinterest is the perfect place to share these little bite sized content morsels.

#3 Videos

In today’s world people are more and more likely to watch a 5 minute video than read an article. People’s attention spans are becoming much shorter as time goes on. That being said, videos are awesome content that you should create for SEO.

The fact of the matter is, you may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t want to get on camera.” That’s great! Because honestly, many other people feel the same way. Take advantage of this obvious barrier to entry and just go head first and create videos.

Videos will be the wave of the future so make sure you’re one of the brands on the forefront making videos. Also, because YouTube is owned by Google, videos really are content that will give you GIGANTIC ROI’s when it comes to SEO.

#4 Newsletters & Emails

Emails and newsletters are often over looked as people seem to think they are outdated. However, email marketing is one of the lowest cost marketing strategies that gives a huge return on investment. When you reach someone through social media they are not very focused. However, when you reach them through their inbox it becomes personal.

Don’t squander the opportunity to reconnect with old customers as well as develop relationships with new customers through newsletters and emails!

#5 Case Studies

Case studies are great because you can show the world exactly how well your efforts have paid off for one of your own customers. All the while increasing your SEO rankings and creating great content for your customers!

#6 Infographics

Last but certainly not least on the list of content you should create for SEO are infographics. Like videos, infographics are great for people with short attention spans. It gives the information of an entire article in a neatly delivered image. These are great because if you make an amazing infographic people will spread it around for you!