Where Do I Find Content To Put On My Social Media Business Pages???

If you run a business then you know that posting on social media can be a hassle. Here’s 20 places to find content to share on social media to help you out!

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20 places to find interesting content to share on social media

The internet has changed quite a bit in recent years. So many websites have emerged which are basically book marking sites for interesting content. This trend is extremely valuable to the aspiring social media marketer.

If you’re like me than you run not only multiple social media websites for one brand but for many. And scheduling all of these posts can be a hassle let alone finding content to share.

This list is a comprehensive list of websites that offer interesting, niche content which will keep your social media pages buzzing with activity!

One websites that I happen to use which isn’t on the list is yahoo which normally has tons of interesting articles on the home page which will have mass appeal to your audience. Most of the time you are able to find articles which are closely related to your niche which are great to share on social media.

StumbleUpon which happens to be on the list is a great resource. Create an account and follow interests which are related to your niche and the website will recommend websites and articles which people with your similar interests have found enjoyable!

Google, being a gigantic search engine is a great resource. News.google.com is one website which I use when trying to find content to share on social media. And as you can see on the list “Google Alerts” is listed. This is a notification service which lets you know when interesting content related to specific keywords that you mention becomes available.

As for the rest of the websites, I haven’t heard of most of them so I will be checking them out in the future to see how they are. With the growing list of social media accounts that I manage I’m sure I’ll run into the need to use them sooner or later!

Well that’s it for this article. Thank you for reading and please be sure to leave your comments, questions & concerns below!